Why Muslims Why?

“Abraj Al-Bait” complex, located directly in front of the Holy Mosque

I was inspired to reflect a “little” on the commercialization of Mecca.  I read this article “Changing Essence of Mekkah”on Islamicity.com and I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Apparently, there are plans already underway to build a multi-billion dollar complex surrounding the Masjid that will pretty much dwarf the holiest site in all of Islam.  There will be hotels, communities, a mall, that btw will include “Western” conveniences like fast food, H&M, Lingerie shops, etc.!  How is this happening right under our noses?

Mecca and Medina for that matter, belong to all Muslims, not the Saudi Royals their friends and investors.  So what can we do to stop this?  I’m certain I’m not the only Muslim that believes that it should be stopped.  Mecca is a place of sanctuary, peace, and prayer, its  not a place of exploitation.  These “investors” build with false promises of making things “better” but the only thing their truly wanting to improve is their assets.  Im being vague on the details because I want you to read the article, but know that it is a major setback for Muslims who want to see the religion and the community renewed.  When you would raise a house of the Prophet (saw) and level mountains to build places for profit, you already let people know whats truly in your heart.

Brothers and sisters we have to wake up!  We are too busy fighting the Israels over Al-Aqsa, yet our holiest Masjid is being desecrated right under our noses.  We have to take care of home first before we can worry about the Israeli’s, “West”, etc.  There’s more than enough problems right here at home, as evidenced by the plans for the “better” Mecca, that we should not have to worry about others for quite some time.  If we turned our zeal inward just for a little while, just imagine how much we could accomplish.

If you want to read more about the plans, I found a message board that’s talking about it as well.


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