Trying to stay on air…

For those that don’t know by now, I have a show “The American Muslim” which is an off-shoot of this blog. I’m trying to be a real voice behind my words here in cyberspace and trying to get at least “one” American Muslim’s voice out there about the issues that effect us as Americans and of course, Muslims. However, it seems that I have yet to find my voice or niche’ if you will, because I have maybe a handful of listeners, and in several shows now, tonight being the 5th I have only had like 5 callers and one IM’er and some of them are the same people! My point in all this is, I could really use your support. I have about 18K plus views on this blog so I know there are some that read what I write, well now I’m asking the same readers to become listeners and callers. Let’s discuss my posts, your posts, or whatever you want. I’m here for you! At the very least, please leave me some feedback, so I know what direction I need to turn in. Feedback is very important, because I believe I can have an effective show that will produce many more like and even better than mine.

At this stage in the game, yes I know it’s only the 5th show, but monologuing for a hour is hard work. I’m starting to wonder if I bit off more than I can chew and if I should focus more on the blog and leave the radio thing alone. Insha’Allah I will come to a sound and reasoned conclusion and do whats best in the end. I pray that I realize where to best put my voice to help uplift and better my community. After all, my entire motive is service. Maybe, it’s the Marine in me that refuses to die, but I want to serve and utilize my talents, whatever they may be for the betterment of all Americans but also Muslims in general. Our voice, the voice of true unadulterated Islam, needs to be heard in these trying times, if I’m not the one to do it, I pray someone else is, but it has to be done.




  1. As-Salaamu ‘alaikum,

    I’m just in the process of listening to your last show right now – insha Allah I’d like to support the project as it’s a useful medium for us. Something I’ve noticed is that your talk volume is low, which means I have to turn up the volume on my system to hear it adequately, which means that the usual system sounds are excessively loud. Also, the sound quality is not good – it sounds like it’s coming over a crowded Skype type system, with your voice continually breaking up. What equipment are you using? I’d quite like to do a podcast myself but all the equipment I’ve got is a Logitech USB Skype headset.

    Anyway I hope you keep it up & I’ll try and listen next time if I can get to the computer insha Allah.


  2. Walaikum As Salaam,

    Thanks for your support. I have decided to try a couple of different things, like have guests, maybe a co-hosts, etc. I have to work on the sound, Im using my bluetooth headset, so Im going to purchase a better unit Insha’ Allah for next week.


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