The Show Tonight, March 1, 2007 9:00 pm ET

Tonight on “The American Muslim“, is going to be “interesting” to say the least. I plan to cover the weeks headlines thus far, no Anna Nicole tonight…sorry, but more importantly the effect Sen. Barack Obama has had on the nation and the black community in general. Race and Politics is the “theme”, but I will divert here and there, as normal. I will also introduce my “Ask A Muslim” segment, where callers, emailers, IM’ers can pretty much ask me anything, hopefully about Islam. It’s a bridge building, no holds barred, attempt, for non-Muslims to get it off their chest and ask a “real-life” Muslim anything and everything they want. ( I will probably retire after this). I intend to finally get around to answering the “72 virgin” question, asked at the end of my warm-up show by Dr. Blogstein. Also, I want to talk about Gays in the Military and what Vets think. As a Marine Corps Veteran, myself and actually having a experience with this subject, I will also share insight into this topic.

As always feel free to email me at, IM at robertsalaam on Yahoo!, or call the show tonight at 9pm ET at (646) 652-2599


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