The Show Last Night

Well, last night was the first “big” show. It was a hectic night and all things considered, I think it went well. I did’nt have anyone call in or IM me, however, I still managed to make conversation with myself for about an hour. I started about 5-10 minutes late, a big no no, but it wasn’t without good reason. When I finally started the show, it wasn’t even 30 minutes prior that I had just landed in an airplane at the airport from Colorado to Virginia. I somehow managed to make it home, kiss my wife and log in. I’m pretty crazy and try to make my commitments. Either way, I talked a lot about Islam and the fear thereof, Iraq, and a bunch of other social commentary. I shot from the hip the whole hour, as I left my notes somewhere between Denver and Washington, DC, go figure. Insha’ Allah (God-willing) everything will go according to plan next week, and I will have a more “structured” show. Formally, my show will now be broadcast every Thursday night at 9pm ET, Insha’Allah. Feel free to call me and give me a piece of my mind. If you listened last night, please give me your feedback.


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