The Big Bad Islam?

Maybe it’s just me, and I doubt that very seriously, but it seems like more and more each day the fear of and about Islam is being stroked more and more everyday.   Ordinarily, I would use the term “Muslims” instead of “Islam” but, I’m not so sure that Muslim is appropriate anymore.  I think it’s time that we are blunt in our assessment.  Im convinced that both overtly and covertly there is a fear of Islam.  It’s in the news it’s in personal interactions, it’s appears to be all over this country, Europe, and pretty much many non-Muslim majority nations.

Now many will say, Salaam, you have lost it this time, or say I am reaching, and maybe that’s the case.  However, the more I hear the word “Muslim” no matter the source, somewhere in that dialogue, Islam is spoken about in such a way, as if Islam is an actual person, who wants to beat the speaker up.  I mean Islam is talked about in such a fearful tone that you would think the sky isn’t only falling, but is raining Qurans or something!

People go to great lengths to defame Islam.  Some in minor hardly noticeable ways, but also in very obvious ways.  I’m not going to pinpoint one particular demographic or individual, if the shoe fits wear it, you know who you are.  As I traverse the net, listen to conversation, and watch the news, it just seems to me that no one can mention Islam or Muslims without some negative retort, fearful rant, or purposeful defamation, even if the conversation was in a positive light.  It’s kinda like having a conversation and saying “oh well you did that great…for a woman” or insert the race, class, etc. of your choice.  It’s like people will mention Islam or Muslims and can’t wait to add that “but”.

There are many in this country and the “West” in general that are absolutely convinced that Muslims want to take over the world, impose sharia, etc. etc.  Some really believe that if their not “careful” one day a Sultan will be burning up the Constitution and the Adhan (call to prayer) will echo from the White House.

As extreme as that sounds, what’s even more extreme is the great lengths those of that mindset will go to in order to ensure that fantasy will not happen.  Therefore, they invent and theorize about every possible “Islamic” conspiracy in the world.  In fact, many will accuse me of representing that agenda, because I don’t fit the preconceived stereotype.  Im a US Marine Corps veteran, US citizen born and raised indigenous to this country, work for this government, etc. etc.  even still, I don’t escape the fear mongering.  I get into doors that many can’t imagine in my line of work, yet the scared will say, “Watch him”.

Everything any Muslim says these days, is criticized, unless of course you call for the death of infidels and a global Jihad, because of course, that’s normal.  It’s all that other stuff that needs to be scrutinized, you know like, making a living in peace as a loyal citizen,  crime free, etc.

I know at this point I’m just rambling, but I had to get some of this emotion out of me.  Only fear drives the actions we are witnessing.  The fear of Islam is motivated by many things, I believe they are:  Truth, Jealousy, and White Supremacy.  Let me explain…

The fearful masses are afraid of the Truth of Islam.  Whether you believe in Islam or not, just a casual look in the Quran will show you many truths, opposed to the lies that many live in our current systems and governments.  Look at the majority of Muslims and you will see disciplined, kind, and well meaning people.  Oft times our very lives bear witness of the truth of our religion.  Its very rare in the “West” to look at a person’s life to judge their religion, because many have made their religion a chore or something you do once a week or several times a year.  However, when they interact with Muslims, they don’t quite get it.  Even the most “Western” of us, are not of the “West” and it freaks them out.  Most Muslims fear Allah (swt) and observe their deen (religion), maybe not as good as we should, but we know and they know that if push comes to shove, Muslims are most likely to be faithful to their religion then others.  This truth, freaks them out, and causes fear.

The jealously I speak of is due to Islam and Muslims in of itself/themselves.  Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world hands down.  In these last 1400 plus years everything has been tried to stamp Islam out, or control Islam and the Muslims and nothing has worked.  Even after 9/11 and since, Islam conversions have soared more-so now during “bad” press than before.  It scares many, I believe there is a huge jealousy component in this fear.  With other religions on the decline, many of their places of worship closing down, and many rebelling against their traditions and dogmatic ideas, naturally, they would be jealous of a religion that has none of these problems even though defamation, bad press, and terrorists are active.  Even when you compare histories, no matter how you slant it, Islamic history stands out about the rest.  There were no Islamic Dark Ages, Inquisitions, Holocausts, Apartheid’s, etc.  Muslims pioneered the sciences, mathematics, medicine, etc.  and are still doing so today.  You can compare the religious books and hands down Islam wins again.  No translation errors, obscure histories, unresolved dogmatic ideas, revisions, etc.  in my experience, in the “west” Muslims tend to be more educated, knowledgeable, and care more about their religion than others.  These are all causes of jealousy.

Then there is the big bad white supremacy.  In truth, I don’t think you can truly contextualize any historical injustice or fear in Western history without thinking about the effects of white supremacy on the minds that caused the actions of the oppressors.  I don’t  literally mean all white people when I say white supremacy, what I’m saying is the poison of the white supremacist mindset is so ingrained in “western culture” that is majority white by the way, that any perceived “foreign” or non-white system, idea, religion, etc. is immediately attacked at both the conscious and sub-conscious levels.  Islam to many, is something Arab, it comes from a people of color who are nothing like their white counterparts.  Listen to how many talk about Islam:  “primitive”, “barbaric”, “ancient”, etc. etc.  these are some of the same terms that have always been levied against non-whites in “western history”.  I believe on many levels, part of this fear is rooted in this sickness.

Maybe its just me, maybe Im part of the tin foil club that believes in Area-51, the X-files, etc.  however, I find it hard to believe that there truly isnt in inate fear of Islam these days.  If there isnt, then Im probably the paranoid, fearful, freak, but I seriously doubt it.

Controversial as this post may appear, get over it, these are just my thoughts and Im in a blunt mood.

Seriously though, I know that oftentimes as Muslims we are our own worse enemies and there is a lot out there that we do that doesn’t help ease the fear, but my point is that on the levels I’m witnessing, I’m not so sure its all our doing.  I believe there is more to the equation then we are willing to admit at times.

Just my thoughts,




  1. No translation errors, obscure historiesBut the age of Aisha’ during marriage is unresolved yet, I thought!
    Seriously though, I know that oftentimes as Muslims we are our own worse enemies and there is a lot out there that we do that doesn’t help ease the fear, but my point is that on the levels I’m witnessing, I’m not so sure its all our doing. I believe there is more to the equation then we are willing to admit at times.Yet, it is we that has to take care of ourselves. Allah does not change the status of a community unless they…


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