It's Official…The First Show

After days of tossing and turning, I have finally decided on an actual day and time for my show “The American Muslim“. For now that is….Im going to be broadcasting Thursday nights at 9:00 pm ET starting this Thursday February 22. I plan to be discussing victory in Iraq and the general war on terrorism, going over some of the weeks headlines, and a section I like to call “ask a Muslim” where basically a caller gets to grill me about Islam and Muslims in general. I will start out this segment with a response to Dr. Blogstein’s question at the close of my warm-up show, where he asked about the “72 virgins”.

I hope my readers listen and more importantly call in.




  1. i’m not quite sure what to make of this…hmmmm….

    (gently tapping my chin and pretending that i am deep in reflection)

    What you need is a fundamentalist co-host…..

    i thinks i knows where you could gets one Ahh-Kee….


  2. As Salaam Alaikum Abu,

    Maybe, your right, but then my co-host and I would never get to our topic, or callers, because we would be disagreeing amongst ourselves most of the time. Truth is, I have my “fundamentalist” ways too, don’t get the wrong impression too soon. 🙂


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