Well The Warm-up is over and now I need a co-Host!!!


Call in (646) 652-2599 

Well I may have made history tonight!  I know I’m arrogant with a sprinkle of vain….  Either way, I think it went well, big props go out to Dr. Blogstein for saving the show by calling in.  I promise, I’m going to have a definite format and it will get better, as soon as I decide on an actual day and time to air.

I’m seriously looking for a co-host.  There has to be a Muslimah (female Muslim) out there that would like to balance me out with the female Muslim opinion, lest I continue on chauvinistic rampage.  Right now I’m looking at the 8-9 pm time-frame, however I have to pick which days, because I can’t miss 24 and American Idol!!!

If you have any thoughts and suggestions, please let me know.

UPDATE:!!! After listening to the show over, I found out that I have to learn to hang up the phone, because it still records even though the show is over, good thing my wife and I were having general conversation, or you guys that listen would know too much!!! 🙂



  1. If I wasn’t so shy on the phone, I’d interview for this position! 🙂

    But I actually think you’ll do better on your own, because as you said in the program, your perspective is interesting and unique, I think people should hear you and interact with you alone. That’s just a suggestion, maybe you feel like you need a co-host. 🙂

    Your show is going to be awesome either way.


  2. I just re-listened to your show, I actually stopped listening to the live one before the convo between you and your wife, but how cute!

    I’m commenting on your blog all the time like a stalker, aren’t I? 😉


  3. Your not a stalker, I think they would call you a fan! I hope Im not being too forward and assuming!

    The host thing is really up in the air. My wife says I could probabably do it myself, and as Dr. B actually noted on the show, its just more difficult. As long as I have a solid format and people call in I probably will do well.

    Insha Allah of course. We will see,

    Thanks for your support!


  4. Yes, I’m a fan. 🙂

    I know of a few political talk show hosts who go solo for 3 hours or more. You’re right about getting a solid format. All you need is a few topics that you can speak at length about and you can fill up 30 mins in no time. When people sense your knowledge or passion about a topic, they will be more likely to call in, too.

    InshaAllah, yes. 🙂


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