Obama and Racism

After visiting Senator Barak Obama’s website and watching and listening intently to his announcement speach, I must admit that I’m positively impressed.

Most that know me personally, already know that I have a lot of respect for Senator Obama and support his bid for the White House. For the record, I don’t support him just because he’s black or I dislike Billary or any other candidate, I support him primarily because I believe that the Senator represents all that is and can be right with America.

He’s a fresh face with a idealistic attitude and more importantly he makes you want to believe again. He makes you believe and have hope in America, politicians, and even in eradication of racial tensions. Unfortunately, not all people agree. In fact some disagree so much that they have begun to resort to lies and slander to discredit him. Everything from alleging that Obama is a “closet Muslim” to focusing undue attention to his middle name Hussein. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more worse, Rush Limbaugh on the first day of Black History Month, not only insulted black people as a whole (as if that is new) but also the Senator. Then on top of that, the very next day Imus did the same exact thing. Now one can only guess at why these to radio giants have said these things, I know I have my ideas, but in the larger context, one has to wonder how many people in America today feel this way. With the size of the listening audiences they command, it’s very, very, scary to say the least.

I’m here to announce for all that didn’t know or intentionally ignore it, that Racism is alive and well today. I believe that the venom that Obama is attacked with has a great deal to do with him being black. For example:

From the February 1 edition of The Rush Limbaugh Show:

LIMBAUGH: U.S. blacks — young U.S. blacks believe in politics, according to a new study. “Many U.S. blacks are as confident” and we’re talking about the clean ones here, folks, I must stipulate this — young, clean U.S. blacks — “believe in politics. Many young U.S. blacks are as confident as their white and Hispanic peers that they can use politics to make things better, but a majority of young blacks feel alienated from today’s government.” Why would that be? The government’s been taking care of them their whole lives. Why would they feel alienated from — maybe “today’s government” means the Bush administration.

” ‘There’s good news and bad news when it comes to politics,’ particularly as U.S. Senator Barack” the clean — “Obama, an Illinois Democrat, may try to become the first black to reach the White House, said Cathy Cohen, a political science professor who headed this project at the University of Chicago.” This research, by the way, “covered a wide range of social issues from sex to entertainment, also found that young blacks think that rap music and videos are riddled with too much sex and mistreatment of women — even though they are the biggest consumers of that entertainment. Nearly 80 percent of young blacks, whites and Hispanics think they can make a difference by getting involved in politics. Large numbers of them feel that they have the skills to do so.”

So I got — the headline says “Young U.S. blacks” — but blacks, whites, and Hispanics. Everybody thinks they can get involved in politics here. No big — no big shake there.

Special thanks to Mediamatters.org for the transcript. Im still trying to figure out if I’m a “clean” black as opposed to what? I guess a dirty one huh? Not to mention his implication that we are all on welfare, so in his Satanic mind, I guess since Obama is one of those “clean” blacks, maybe other “clean” blacks who are interested in politics will actually vote for him.

Meanwhile on the Don Imus in the morning show, he and his producer had this to say about Barak Obama:

From the February 2 edition of MSNBC’s Imus in the Morning:

IMUS: I saw Al Sharpton with — with Chris Matthews yesterday, and he was — he was terrific.

McCORD: I saw that.

IMUS: Wasn’t he good?

McCORD: He was excellent.

IMUS: But the — but the point is — well, Biden — it’s just idiotic what Biden says. But Obama’s a creep, a front-running creep, too, so —

McGUIRK: Flip-flopping —

IMUS: Really, I mean, that’s — that’s a weasel.

McGUIRK: He was OK with the statements until he was against the statements.

IMUS: Yeah, he’s not — he’s not — first of all, he’s not qualified to be president, that’s one, and two, he’s a flip-flopping weasel.

McCORD: A wind-watching wimp.

IMUS: Oh, thank you, Charles.

McGUIRK: With a Jew-hating name.

IMUS: Yes. Eleven — well, that’s a little far, don’t you think?

McGUIRK: Yeah, probably.

So what exactly makes Obama a “creep” and a “weasel”? More importantly what in the hell is a “Jew-hating name”? This is my points folks, sometimes what can seem so subtle and irrelevant after careful examination one will see that these things aren’t so small after all.

Do these two “characters” dislike black people? God Alone is the judge, however, one can easily see that these comments do not originate from anything holy, loving, or accepting. On the Imus show even the added flavor of Islamaphobia was thrown in, because of course if you have an Arabic name your name represents I guess the inherit hate that Muslims must “obviously” have for Jews. I guess I should have been more careful naming my children. Here I thought that I was giving them honorable and Godly names like Kareem, Khalil, etc. I should have known they were really Jew-hating names.

Folks we have to wake up. It’s not so much the words, but the intention and motive behind them, we need to watch out for. The sad thing is I believe this is just the beginning for Obama. Many will show their true colors as these two have surely laid their cards on the table. Like I noted earlier in the post, these guys have millions of listeners, I wonder how many of them were co-signing these comments. How many of them believe that blacks can be classified as “clean” as opposed to…..God only knows what Satanic minds think, or that Muslim or Arabic names are really “Jew-hating” names?

This is a troubling and sad state of affairs people. I believe this Obama campaign will once again in the 21st century show that many in this country haven’t evolved much since the days where their forefathers had mine in chains. Katrina anyone?



  1. Hell yes, racism is alive today. I’m angry (but not surprised) that the conservatives don’t do more to stop this kind of thing among their own… You gotta see the latest from Glenn Beck, by the way…



  2. Im convinced the GOP thinks we are stupid. Saying whatever you want unchecked will never get the GOP the broad support of minorities, especially blacks, no matter how many times they remind us Lincoln was a Republican. Glen Beck….right up there with O’Reily and the rest of Fox so-called “news”. I like guys like McCain and respect many other Republicans, but lines have to drawn when it comes to their step-children, especially when these loud mouths cater to the “base” of the GOP.



  3. Ok. I’ll admit there is some racism going on out there, but there is a double standard. I mean the democrats point fingers at the Republicans like they are all the racist and they are not. How in the world can they say this when they (the democrats) have Robert “KKK” Bryd in their party? This guy was in the KU KLUX KLAN! I never hear the liberal main stream media ever talk about this but when Trent Lott says something that they think is racism (which I still can not figure out how they came to that conclusion) they scream bloody murder and demand a resignation.

    I mean this new guy just elected, Keith Ellison (Minnesota democrat) was in that group “Nations of islam” which is run by that MORON Louis Farrakhan. Everybody knows how Louis Farrakhan teaches hatred and now there is a follower in the congress from the democrat party.

    John 3:16 to all of you! I will pray for you all.


  4. Dan, come on now! Double standard? I call it more like picking and choosing. Here you go talking about well the Dems did this or that, what does that have to do with what I posted? I never called the entire GOP racist I merely pointed out what two guys have said, you see what you want to see. Then true to form you talk about Sen. Byrd, and just like most Conservatives you added “KKK” to his title, to ensure, people never forget that he was a member of said organization many decades ago and has apologized, God only knows how many times. Then you bring up Trent Lott, who hasnt been a story in several years and somehow that becomes relevant to this conversation about Obama.

    Then you bring up Rep. Ellison and the NOI, first and foremost Rep. Ellison is a Sunni Muslim, his affiliation with the NOI ended over a decade ago. As far as Min Farakhan is concerned, name me one speech where he ever advocated what you attribute to him? I guess Im not one of those included into the “everybody” category, because having actually met Min. Farakhan, attended many speeches, etc. you know having actual experience, it appears that you are the MORON and are guilty of Double Standards, because you say the Dems should forget about Lott (even though they and the media have) yet you mention Byrd and Ellison’s former affiliations. Seems a little hypocritical to me, but heh….

    As far as John 3:16….produce your proof if you are truthful. Only creations beget, not the Creator who neither begets nor is begotten. But then again, Israel is called the only begotten son of God and so is David (saw) how many only begotten son(s) of God are there? Heck who even wrote John and why isnt it part of the Synoptics?



  5. It makes me feel sad to see that Senator Obama is not looked at as a candidate who can stand on his own. Even though he has attended a church in Chicago pastored by Mr. Wright, who also owns a magazine, “trumpet” and has presented awards to Farrakhan, Kilpatrick, and others (2007). senator Obama accompied Mr. Farrakhan to Africa. Mr. Farrakhan speech of 12/24/07 called, “White Folk You Owe Us” is revelant of his views. Which may be seen on UTube. After 16 years of attending a church who premotes channeling gains back into the community, how could America ask for less.


  6. For the record, Senator Obama has never accompanied Minister Farrakhan anywhere, let alone Africa. It’s amazing how lies are spread.

    That my dear Marilyn would be Pastor Wright, who by the way is retired and is not the leader of Obama’s Church anymore, get your facts straight before you continue with slander.


  7. Can someone explain to me how a black man on the verge of becoming the Democratic nominee for President of the United States with a cross-section of suport from the the Democratic voters is an indication that racism is alive and well in the United States??


  8. It’s pretty simple Mario…Obviously, there has been progress in Race Relations in America, however given the current issues being brought up during the campaign such as the “Wright Scandal” it should be obvious that issues of race are still hot button issues.


  9. Hot button for whom? The average American or the dimwits who comprise the media? BTW, if you want to experience racism, I suggest you live in any other nation on earth. Despite popular mythology which likes to portray the United States as an ogre nation, the US blows the world away when it comes to race relations. Have you ever been to a soccer game in Europe? I don’t think you’d hear Americans at any sporting event hurl the racial slurs that Europeans do at African and Middle Eastern soccer players.


  10. I never said there was no racism in America, but as an American you should be sensitive to the fact that if someone farts in America it makes international headlines. In other words, racism in other parts of the world hardly gets the press it does in the US, but it’s there and it’s far worse. Just ask a black man what it’s like to walk down a street in Moscow. Or ask a Latino what it’s like to watch a hockey game in Manitoboa, Canada. I can tell you. You get beat up in the bathroom while they call you “brown nigger” and they tell you to go back to the US where “niggers” belong and then you find your car keyed. Oh, but that couldn’t happen in Canada, could it? After all, they have universal health care!!! The fact is, racism and all, minorities fare better in the US than any nation on earth–ANY! No one comes even close. Black Americans, for example, have 3x the purchasing power as the average Swede. But that’s just one example.


  11. What’s your point Mario? This blog is called The American Muslim, not the Canadian, Russian, Swedish, etc. Is there racism in the world? Yes. Is it oftentimes worse elsewhere? Probably. However, my blog is about the reflections I have and others about the American experience.

    Furthermore, one should never be so quick to diminish or appear to write off another’s anguish. That just adds to the problem. What you may think of as a paper cut, may very well still hurt me nonetheless.

    This post is called “Obama and Racism” Senator Obama is a candidate for the President of the United States, not any other country. Therefore, I’m reflecting on our candidate in the context of our issues, and our experience.

    I’m not ignoring the world, I’m just not focusing on it in this particular post.


  12. Good thing is you can dissent in the United States without fear of reprisal. In Canada and Europe, they have “human rights” courts which is just another way the government tries to suppress unwanted speech. If you were in Canada and had a blog that was critical of Muslim radicalism, you could be hauled off before an HRC. Google “Mark Styen, HRC”. I think we should be a bit more appreciative of what we have in America before we lose even what is left. I know it’s not PC, but if we can find a way to get over our smugness and contempt of all American society, then maybe we can start enjoying life. P.S. What do you think of homosexuality? Do you think it’s a white conspiracy to kill off the black race?


  13. Good Thing it’s people like me who volunteer to protect and defend the right to dissent….

    As far as contempt for American society, please explain what that is?

    It’s one thing to insinuate that I have a problem with the nation I serve, it’s another to look at my Sgt stripes and try to prove it!

    Have a nice day 🙂


  14. Yes, racism is alive and well in America. Especially in Barack Obama’s “Church” and Michelle Obama’s writings and comments.


  15. No surprises. The real face of America is now showing. Racism is rife in the states and America is still taking many steps backwards.


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