Israeli Cabinet Approves First Muslim Minister

According to this article on Yahoo, Israel has appointed its first Muslim cabinet minister. Of course, this appointment isnt without controversy, however I wanted to share this article, primarily to promote optimism.

I can already imagine what other “Muslim” bloggers are saying, however I just wanted to state for the record that I pray that this works out, and it isnt the last appointment. I pray that it is a step in the right direction.

From the article:

“Israel’s parliament has always had Arab lawmakers — today, they number 13 members out of 120. But the country has had only one Arab Cabinet minister before: Salah Tarif, a Druse, who was appointed in 2001 and forced to resign nine months later under a cloud of corruption allegations.

This appointment was more contentious because Muslim and Christian Arabs, unlike the Druse, don’t serve in the army and have a weaker identification with Israel.

Arabs lag behind Israel’s Jewish population in income, education and standard of living, and have long lacked representation in government commensurate with their numbers.”

Well, it could be window dressing, but I don’t want to feed into the negative conspiracy theories. Either way we will see.


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