Victory in Iraq?


What is victory in Iraq?

Seriously. I’m not sure anyone can define any such outcome at this stage in the game. I believe it’s fairly safe to say at this point that “victory” is really more of how can we get out as gracefully as possible given the current circumstances.

In my humble opinion, I think it’s high time we give it over to the Iraqi’s. I mean what motivation do they have to work together and fix their country as long as big brother is there doing all the work? What happened to the “coalition of the willing?” How many troops from the UK are even still there?

Then there is the question of sacrifice. How much more are we willing to give? Between lives and money, what price are we willing to pay and for what?

Then again who’s doing the sacrificing? Surely not most of Americans who go on with their daily lives, will military families suffer daily being asked to endure these hardships. I mean if this thing is worth fighting for, why is the majority of the country against it? Why aren’t taxes being raised and initiatives being passed like the draft to have the entire Nation support this effort?

I’m becoming increasingly convinced that this war has nothing to do with the will of the American people, nor the will of the Armed Forces serving this Nation, but more so the will of a handful of people who want to push ahead, with no guarantees in sight, and continue a very unpopular misadventure, against not only the will of the people, but even the will of the Iraqi’s who don’t even want us there.

If the American people and the Iraqi citizens don’t want us there, who does? Why do they want us there? And for what reason(s)? I can only speculate, however I believe it is a grave crime when in a representative government, those elected to represent, no longer take into consideration the will of the people, and do whatever they want, even against the will of the mass electorate.

What you have in those conditions, begins to resemble less and less each day what a Democracy is supposed to be.


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