Little Mosque on the Prairie


Imam Baber (Manoj Sood) in deep discussion with Fatima (Arlene Duncan) and Rayyan (Sitara Hewitt) in the diner. (CBC)

Thanks to one of my favorite blogs: I have found out about this great show.  All I can say is that it is hilarious, and I hope that some day we get access to it here in America.  I believe that it will be a hit.

Here’s a link to the shows site:

ABC News article:

Canadian TV Show Tackles Religious Issues With Comedy

It’s about time that there is a show dedicated to showing the Muslim “lighter” side.  We are all not serious you know, and humor is not relegated to any particular group and it surely isnt excluded from the Muslim community. 

It just seems that many don’t want to focus on such things, but I applaud those behind this show for their efforts and I pray that their show is blessed and successful.


One Comment

  1. Brilliant show, it’s about time. The cast is impressive, didn’t expect to see such good acting out of Canada, admittedly. Enjoying Rota’s portrayal of the father, very humourous, the actress who plays his daughter, Sitara Hewitt also a great actress, very funny. The topics addressed are never too hard hitting which is good. I enjoy the talent and humour.


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