Alright Democrats, put up or shut up time!

AP Photo: President Bush leaves the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, Friday, Jan. 12

Bush challenges Iraq strategy skeptics

Those of you who have read my blog by now should have come to the conclusion that I disagree with the Iraq invasion, furthermore I disagree with the move to increase our troop levels by 20,000 plus.  However, I have to admit, its one thing to always complain about a problem, its one thing to always complain about a decision, but its a whole other thing to actually provide a solution.

I once had a Sgt Major who told me that “effective leaders care less about pointing out the problems, but more about providing solutions.” I have to admit lately, I have been falling into the complain with no solution camp.

I mean let’s be honest for a second.  For the last 4 years now, Democrats have consistantly pointed out the problems with this administration especially as it relates to the Iraq policy.  In my personal opinion, I think they are correct in many of their assessments, however, I can’t quite remember the last time I heard of an alternate position, idea, or solution.

I mean I have heard the “phased withdrawal” mantra, but I have often wondered “and then what?” 

OK, I get it, we disagree with the increase of troops.  So what’s our suggestion instead?  Now don’t be mistaken that when I say “we” Im saying Im a Democrat, because that isnt the truth, not even close actually, however, I feel we have to point out the obvious.  If we believe the President and his Administration is screwed up, then the Democrats owe it to the American people to present their solution instead.

I believe the American majority voted for change in November, so it would be nice to actually see ideas and solutions rather than just saying the President is wrong.  Which in truth, is more of the same.

Personally, I believe that at this point 20, 000 or even 50, 000  more troops wouldnt help the current situation.  I believe our continued involvement doesnt give the Iraqi government any incentive to step up their progress and it also helps fan the flames of those against the occupation.  Now if we were really trying to completely control things then we would probably need more like 100,000 to 200,000 more troops, but even then that wouldnt turn out to be good in the long run.

I believe we should withdraw to the Iraqi borders and secure them and have the remainder of our troops stationed elsewhere in the theater on alert.  Allow democracy to work even if we don’t agree with the victor.  Nation building is not that great of an idea, but since we initiated it, we must allow it to take its course.  Let us not forget what our country had to go through to make what progress we have, therefore, I don’t think we can avoid similar situations in Iraq, if we truly expect a Democracy.  I say, we got Saddam, we found no WMD, and established a new Iraqi Government.  Mission Accomplished.

But this isnt about me and what I think in my limited experience, it’s more about what do the Democrats have to bring to the table?  Pointing fingers gets very old very fast, once people realize that you don’t have any solutions to offer.

I have to give the President credit…”To oppose everything while proposing nothing is irresponsible.”


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  1. I think the solution is one that’s not politically correct and maybe the reason why those in power are reluctant to mention it

    In my eyes it’s simple. Forget the mass display of opposition by the American public on the war in Iraq, take over and secure the oil fields and create a source of income. What these people need is a thriving economy! The poverty here is one of the major reasons why terrorist are able to recruit the men and women to continue to terrorize the Iraqi public.

    We can build up the Iraq economy by setting up refineries and selling oil to the U.S. and other markets, disbursing all profits to the Iraqi people. This helps us all, the U.S. can get oil at a stable price for the cost of running and initial startup and Iraq gets the money it needs pumped into its country all while doing none of the work.

    Its time for American to flex its muscle for real for the sake of a brighter future for Iraq and us. Will it be frowned upon now? Yes, but 5 10 years down the road when Iraq is flourishing it would have been one of our big achievements.


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