Why Iraq again?

I don’t like beating the dead horse too much, but something has to give.  I mean the majority of Americans don’t support the “war”, the democratic led Congress doesnt want the war and is threatening to possibly “tighten” the war purse, and yet it appears that President Bush is set to go against the grain yet again (talk about representative government) and send potentially another 20,000 US troops to Iraq.

Lets see, first it was weapons of destruction, WMD, well, we have found none, then their was Saddam is evil incarnate, well he’s dead now, so what’s left?  Granted, these reasons are not in order, nor is there nothing else in Iraq to do, but since it was “Mission Accomplished” in April of 2003 and Vice President Cheney on numerous occassions told us “The Insurgency is in its last throws”, I figured, it wouldnt be too bad, to ask this question.

So after billions of dollars spent, over 3000 US deaths, over 15,000 US injuries, and countless Iraqi deaths, am I a little crazy to ask why?

Hmmm its seems these days we are asking more questions than we are receiving answers, so since the President is “the decider” maybe my fellow Americans and myself along with the numerous people worldwide should just shut up until he finishes deciding?

Anyway, now we have an article titled “Blood and Oil: How the West will Profit from Iraq’s most precious commodity” which claims some very “interesting” things like:

“The ‘IoS’ today reveals a draft for a new law that would give Western oil companies a massive share in the third largest reserves in the world. To the victors, the oil? That is how some experts view this unprecedented arrangement with a major Middle East oil producer that guarantees investors huge profits for the next 30 years.”

Now I don’t claim to be an “expert” but my somewhat rational mind comes to the conclusion that if this is true, that all of a sudden, INVESTORS will get a locked in contract that would secure them the rights to Iraq’s oil for 30 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder how the Iraqis feel about this?  I wonder if they even know.  I don’t know, maybe its just me but, we invade Iraq a country that never attacked us, on claims that we have not been able to substantiate, remove their leader, “help” set-up a new leadership,  they kill their former leader, and now investors potentially have unheard of 30 year oil contracts?  Not to mention we are building an embassy about the size of the VATICAN that just so happens to be the largest in the world, and some say we are establishing permanent military bases in Iraq. 

Call me a member of the tin foil hat club, but this sounds a “little” fishy to me…. 

Im sorry but with quotes like these:

“Now, unnoticed by most amid the furore over civil war in Iraq and the hanging of Saddam Hussein, the new oil law has quietly been going through several drafts, and is now on the point of being presented to the cabinet and then the parliament in Baghdad. Its provisions are a radical departure from the norm for developing countries: under a system known as “production-sharing agreements”, or PSAs, oil majors such as BP and Shell in Britain, and Exxon and Chevron in the US, would be able to sign deals of up to 30 years to extract Iraq’s oil.

PSAs allow a country to retain legal ownership of its oil, but gives a share of profits to the international companies that invest in infrastructure and operation of the wells, pipelines and refineries. Their introduction would be a first for a major Middle Eastern oil producer. Saudi Arabia and Iran, the world’s number one and two oil exporters, both tightly control their industries through state-owned companies with no appreciable foreign collaboration, as do most members of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries, Opec.

Critics fear that given Iraq’s weak bargaining position, it could get locked in now to deals on bad terms for decades to come. “Iraq would end up with the worst possible outcome,” said Greg Muttitt of Platform, a human rights and environmental group that monitors the oil industry. He said the new legislation was drafted with the assistance of BearingPoint, an American consultancy firm hired by the US government, which had a representative working in the American embassy in Baghdad for several months.

“Three outside groups have had far more opportunity to scrutinise this legislation than most Iraqis,” said Mr Muttitt. “The draft went to the US government and major oil companies in July, and to the International Monetary Fund in September. Last month I met a group of 20 Iraqi MPs in Jordan, and I asked them how many had seen the legislation. Only one had.””

Im sorry, but after all this, Im just a “little” skeptical.  Furthermore, as a concerned American citizen and a Marine Corps Veteran, I would be more than upset, if history records that we fought a trumped up war, to line the pockets of corporate oil giants and their associates, at the expense of US tax dollars and the lives of our men and women in uniform and those of countless Iraqi civilians.

Maybe its just me….


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