So now that Saddam is dead….

Did God send down mana and quail?  Are the lands overflowing with milk and honey?  Is there now Peace throughout the World or even Iraq?

If not, why all the jubilation?  So the tyrant of Baghdad was hanged, what has this done for the truly important things in Iraq?  

Im so tired as a Muslim, of fellow Muslims dancing in the streets, protesting, etc. under the strings of those diametrically opposed to those that which we stand for as a ummah.  If your happy Saddam was killed, then you should have stayed home and said “Alhumdulillah” and let that be all.  However, we are in the streets jubilant, like as a community we have something to be joyous about.  That very same Eid wasnt so joyus for the Sunni or Shia Iraqis was it?  Right after Saddam, it was business as usual.

You know what would have helped build some bridges, maybe doing what Saladin did, show the aggressor more mercy than was given to you.  Maybe its just me, but that way, the Shia government and Shites in general wouldnt look like revenge-seeking puppets of the US at this point.

What’s truly saddening is how the divide between Sunni and Shia is widening, primarily because of those who are neither Sunni nor Shia.  To quote brother Malcolm, we have be had, hoodwinked, run amuck… here we are dancing in the streets, protesting, etc.  meanwhile our brothers and sisters are still occupied and killing one another.

And for those who were anticipating this hanging, your just as sick as the one(s) getting hanged.

Good to go Muslims, we have shown the world yet again that we are more interested in protesting and celebrating when it involves death, the calling of death, or insults, then we are about our liberation, peace, and the destruction of our radical elements. 



  1. Asalaamun Alaykum,

    Just came across this blog article. In principle, I agree with what you’re saying: it seems to me to be incredibly morbid to celebrate at death, no matter who’s death. However, that’s just me talking: I’ve got no frame of reference to understand what it was like to suffer, either directly or indirectly, under Saddam, and somehow, it doesn’t seem fair to judge how others choose to close this chapter in their lives. Reactions like that (as we’ve seen) aren’t always driven by optics.



  2. As Salaam Alaikum,

    Let me state for the record, that I don’t claim to have any experience on what it was like to live under Saddam, nor am I advocating in any way that he shouldnt have been hanged, in fact, under some Islamic laws, he probably would have gotten worse, and we all know what is in store for him when he meets Allah (swt), either way, Allah (swt) Alone is the best knower. My commentary was more suited to address the Ummah and our reaction. Im not saying if jubilation or tears is necessary, far be it for me to tell another how they should feel. However, in the context of this “game” called the media, we have to be careful to not become a tool of this same media to use us at will to promote whatever propaganda to suit their purposes. They are hypocrits. When they want to show us as violent terrorists, they do, when they want to promote the “Saddam got what he deserved” or in my opinion, veiled justification for Iraq, they show the “Look even the Muslims are happy” pictures.

    I hope my words are understood more clearly.


  3. Wa alaykum salaam,

    As I said, I agree with you that the optics are bad, although for different reasons (I think it looks morbid, and non-Muslim observers tend to agree). All I’m saying is that it’s a little difficult to judge how people are supposed to react; these are emotional responses that aren’t always informed by politics. Your writing was quite subdued compared to some I’ve seen, granted. Tarek Fatah, formerly of the Muslim Canadian Congress, wrote that the displays in the streets in Dearborn, Michigan were “despicable.” I wrote about this on my blog, which you can see here.

    Nonetheless, your points are well taken. Thank you for an interesting and informative blog, brother.



  4. Thank you brother. I just wanted to make it clear that my intention was not to talk too much about the emotions, but give more so a caution to not allow ourselves as Muslims to be used as propaganda than in any scenario reflects poorly against Muslims and Islam.


  5. Point well taken, br. Abdursalaam.

    BTW, I notice you’d added a link to my site on your blog. Thanks for that! Would you mind, however, linking to instead? You’d linked just to the Sadaam article on my site…

    Thanks in advance, and wasalaam,


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