Where are the Good Muslims they ask….

Im sorry, but Im getting a “little” sick and tired of this question.  I mean, everytime someone comes up with yet another allegation against Islam and Muslims, it seems like they retort when called out with the typical “well if the good Muslims would do (insert excuse), then “we” wouldnt feel (insert excuse)”.  I mean come on people!  A time has to come when common sense takes over.  Whatever accusation people have against Islam and Muslims, the 1# accusation being that Muslims are violent, radical, terrorists, and the Islam condones these actions.  They are often wrong and hypocritical lacking no real definitive, factual evidence.

Oftentimes, regardless of how much Muslims refute that particular accusation, and many others, the excuses and accusations continue to resurface anyway, primarily following the next news report of a suicide bomber, terror suspect, etc.

Now here is where the common sense should come in…  Granted, there are those who call themselves Muslim, that are radical, extremist, terrorists, and whatever else you want to label them.  However for the millionth time, they arent close to representing the 1.5 billion plus Muslims in the world.  That’s just the truth, no matter how you slice it.  However, they find ways around that too.

So then they say, well this cleric said (Insert radical cleric or President’s remark)….well guess what?  One, two, or even three or more clerics don’t speak for 1.5 billion people, nor do they override the centuries of Islamic jurisprudence and Fatwas, that often contradict what those clerics say.  Then they say, well the Koran says this (typical isolated verse) so therefore, Islam is (insert allegation).  Well the Koran says many other things, often on the surface, contrary to their allegations, why don’t they look at those verses?

This is the real issue here:  It doesnt matter that 1.5 billion Muslims across the globevare law abiding citizens….It doesnt matter that even when you isolate TRANSLATIONS of the Arabic Koran, they dont reflect the actual meaning or intention of said verse….It doesnt matter no one even asks Muslims how they interpret said verses, which by the way, must be a peaceful interpretation, or there would be 1.5 billion Muslim radicals, verses the several thousand now….It doesnt matter that even though you have websites like this one, that chronicles the hundreds, if not thousands of Muslims and Islamic scholars condemning terrorism….It doesnt matter how many marches, speeches, conference, Fatwas, etc. that have been documented and just happen to be contrary to the allegations (imagine that)….It doesnt matter that just the numbers alone show that if Islam were what they say it is, then the world would be in flames, i.e. 1.5 Billion people, 1/5 of the worlds population…It really doesnt matter.

The reason you ask?

Because those who make allegations against Islam and Muslims are not concerned with the facts.  The truth is, they really don’t like Muslims or Islam in the first place, and cling to whatever “proof” they can find to cover and excuse their veiled bigotry, racism, etc.  These people already have their minds up and no matter what is said, done, proven, etc.  They are still going to feel this way.  It doesnt matter that the overwhelming majority of Muslims are peaceful, as long as you have a few that arent, well that’s excuse enough.  It doesnt matter that the majority of the Koran speaks about peace and submission to God, as long as they can find one or two verses out of the 114 Surahs and thousands of verses, that appear to say otherwise, well that’s excuse enough.  Even when an actual scholar of Islam and Arabic, shows them that the English translation isnt accurate or that in context that’s not what it says, it doesnt matter that the person is a scholar or speaks Arabic, because in there world, English is superior, so it is what it says.  Lets not forget that some of these same people, tend to follow the Bible word for word, in 15th century Old English, never once knowing or caring about the history of the book, the original languages i.e. Greek, Latin, Aramaic, Hebrew, etc.  so in their mind, there is no room to understand linguistics, history, etc.  That would take too much time and brain power.

The truth is, these accusers are lazy zealots, who have no interest in things like facts, knowledge, and education.  They go by their feelings and what someone else told them, so as long as the media keeps the image going, they will sheepishly obey.  This same media wants you to believe that all Hispanics are illegal, all women are sex toys, all blacks are violent gang bangers, and of course all Muslims are not only Arab men or oppressed women in burkas, but terrorists too, among other things….  Ignorance is truly bliss.  If you want to know where are all the “Good Muslims” turn off the TV, get off your behind, and go to your local mosque, maybe even go knock on the door of your Muslim neighbor, talk to your Muslim co-worker, preferably, READ A BOOK!  One written by a Muslim author/scholar, by the way, and not just one.  One book wont explain 1.5 billion people, or 1400 plus years of history, so maybe taking a stab at several may get you somewhere.

Now what does this mean for us the Muslims?  Well, lets keep doing what we are doing.  Let’s remain vigilant and take our religion back.  Lets continue to educate Muslims and non-Muslims.  Let’s continue to be examples through our daily actions.  But most importantly, let’s stop trying to please non-Muslims and people in general.  Our practice is only for the pleasure of Allah (swt).  It should be apparent that our good work and deeds won’t be recognized by all.  Those that see and want to recognize us, will and those that don’t, are going to hate us anyway.  So let’s not live for them, but only for Allah (swt).  Let’s be the example for all mankind as we are commanded to be.  Let’s continue work, take care of our families, and be productive citizens.  Most of all, let’s continue to live in peace, like the billions of us are already doing.


One Comment

  1. Hi American Muslim,

    I tried posting this comment before and it does not seem to have posted, so here it is again:

    I appreciate this post. I am actually Christian, but for some time now I have been really trying to get to the bottom of Islam, trying to look past the sensationalized images of militant terrorist groups declaring war on the West.

    I fully agree with this:

    “…it doesnt matter that the person is a scholar or speaks Arabic, because in there world, English is superior, so it is what it says. Lets not forget that some of these same people, tend to follow the Bible word for word, in 15th century Old English, never once knowing or caring about the history of the book, the original languages i.e. Greek, Latin, Aramaic, Hebrew, etc….”

    I tried looking at a verse in the Quran in about three or four different translations and they varied pretty significantly if I remember correctly. I’d imagine there are several concepts that are readily expressed in Arabic which have no decent translation into English.

    As for the Bible, it is absolutely true that many verses have not preserved their original meaning through all the translations.

    Anyway, your site seems intersting. I am certainly trying to better understand Islam from its origins, not from what I see in the media. You have a friend here with this Christian (see http://afriendtohumanity.wordpress.com/2006/10/30/christian-and-a-friend-of-islam/).

    Keep doing what you are doing.



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