Iran's Holocaust Conference


First of all, let me be apart of that large voice that believes that its high time President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gets his backside whipped in the public!  Granted, I would be lying if I didnt agree with about 80% of what he has said at the UN, or wrote in his letter to President Bush or his letter to the American People,  OK, maybe more than 80%, however, his constant disrespect towards Jews and the Holocaust, is not only wrong, but outright disgusting!

As a Muslim, who left the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC in tears, I don’t see how any person of any religion, ethnicity, etc. could think that those crimes are just a joke or not even real.  Im getting tired personally of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s  double talk.  While he orates and expresses Islam beautifully in his letters and speech at the UN, at the same time he does Islam and Muslims a great disservice and is an embarrassment, because how could you deny those atrocities?  How can you speak of Islamic tolerance and beauty, yet impose cruelty within your own boarders?

As a black man whose anscestors experienced a holocaust as well, seeing the pictures of lynchings, jim crow, etc.  forever reminds me of the darkness that humans can often inflict.  Likewise, when I study or see what happened in Nazi Germany I can’t see how any Muslim in the purest sense of what that means could see how that is remotely funny.

To make matters worse, you had David Duke present.  Need I say more?  I mean how can Muslims even allow him and his ilk to come into Muslim lands.  When did Allah (swt) or the Prophet (saw) advocate racial prejudice, superiority, etc?  Did not our Prophet (saw) say that no race is superior to another?  Did not Allah (swt) say that He created us diverse so that we should know one another?

Religious zealotry and fanaticism has gone too far these days!  Islam is about balance, harmony, and peace.  EVEN WITH THE PEOPLE OF THE BOOK!!!  So, I don’t care what Zionists, Neocons, or any other group does or says, as Muslims we not only have to take our religion back from pretenders, but we also have to stand up for what is right and just, regardless!

How can we allow this level of foolishness stand, when we are also subject to the same thing(s)?  How can we look at holocaust victims as meaningless, or non-existent, yet we deplore the same when it comes to Palestinians and Iraqis?  We cannot allow our disdain or even hate for the policies of America, Israel, or the West in general, dictate whether or not if we should remain civil.  Return evil with what is better, that is the Islamic way.  Yes, fight oppression, but do not transgress the limits! 

Im totally disgusted with the idea of this conference, and any Muslim that isnt, needs to re-evaluate whether or not they are just that!  There is never an excuse to delight, mock, or deny the mass injustice, slaughter, and destruction of an entire people, no matter what their skin color, nationality, or religion is.  To do so, makes one not only outside the fold of Islam, but humanity in general.

Not every American is a Neocon, Not every Israeli or Jew is a Zionist, and of course not every Muslim is a terrorist.  We are quick to defend the last statement, how many of us are willing to stand up as Muslims and defend the others?


  1. Asalaamu alaikum,

    So Ahmadinejad wants to criticize Israel, and he thinks hosting a conference that questions the Holocaust and inviting bigots and hate mongers to speak is the way to go? What stupidity. I wonder what the people of Iran think of this. I would hope that they find it really embarrassing and shameful, and I feel badly for the Jewish community there.

    Nice blog, your posts are very insightful!


  2. Absolutely. I just posted something about this, with the same view, although my slant was that this conference is condemned and protested by the West and applauded by (some) Muslims, who condemned and protested the West’s earlier humiliation, the cartoons — and each claims “free speech” behind their actions when the basis is really hatred and cruelty.

    I think Ahmadinejad is holding the “conference” as an attempt to slap the face of the West. He’s also arming those who hate Muslims with a good reference point; I think he does a huge disservice.

    This old animosity is like everything else going on in the world, it’ll never end until someone grows up and starts acting responsibly. That is, it’ll never end!


  3. My first visit to the Holocaust Museum was about 10 years ago and the experience had a lasting effect on me, there is nothing to be gained by denying the Holocaust, and Ahmadinejad definitely got this one wrong.


  4. Once again you hit the nail on the head. Ahmadinejad needs to be replaced by someone more presidential. He’s too immature to run a country. This is made obvious by retaliating for the Mohammed cartoons with this conference. Unless you’re 8-years-old and in a playground you should not be fighting name calling with meaner name calling. He’s a joke.


  5. Talking of ‘double talk’, eh!

    Dr. Ahmadinejad did not question ‘holocaust’ – he questioned the Jewish monopoly of the event and the numbers – ‘Six Million’- which incidentally begane with ‘Ten Million Died’. How about millions of those Gypsies and Christians were killed by Nazis in collaboration with World Zionist Council – and 150,000 German Jews in Nazi Army (there is a documentary on that). Even Dr. Norman Finkelstein in his book ‘The Holocaust Industry’ has challenged those numbers. He believe it could not be more than 500,000.


  6. Please, I have no need nor desire to debate the holocaust in any fashion, but you know very well what I meant by double speak. You know that one where one is a Muslim and talks of peace, justice, and equality, yet many of his citizens have none of the above.

    But I will leave it at that.



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