UK Muslim to Read the Christmas Message

KhadijaI came across this story from a myriad of sources like:  Islam Online and The Independent.  To summarize the ‘hype’, basically a Muslim woman who wears a Niqab, will deliver the alternate Christmas message that ordinarily airs at the same time as Queen Elizabeth’s broadcast.  This woman Khadija, was picked after a month long search for being “articulate, engaging, and interesting.” (Coutersy Daily Mail)  Personally, I believe the words “engaging” and “interesting” are a little tame of a description .

Khadija, a Zimbabwean-born Muslim, has worn the niqab for over 10 years, and in her 10 minute speach will tackle many burning issues in the UK and abroad.  According to a UK Channel 4 spokesman these include:

“The right to wear religious symbols from niqabs to crucifixes, remarks made by the Pope about Islam and the publication of Danish cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed have all generated a debate about multiculturalism, secularism, and integration”

Personally, I hope that the message is one of inspiration that will garner the attention of mulitudes to produce a feeling and yearning for and of unity across religious, ethnic, and cultural lines.  However, Im a “little” troubled that they picked a Muslim woman that wears niqab, I hope that fact doesnt distract from the message do to the “sensationalism” the speaker obviously attracted.

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