Baker-Hamilton Iraq Study Group Report


OK, seriously, who’s surprised?  By now some “in the know” have heard that the Baker-Hamilton led Iraq Study Group Report  has been released.  Here are the “key” findings most of which Im certainly not surprised about:

• Change diplomatic and military missions
• Engage Iran and Syria to address border, insurgency and reconciliation issues
• Renew commitment to comprehensive Arab-Israeli peace and provide additional support to Afghanistan as part of regional approach
• Evolve U.S. military role to support Iraqi Army units as Iraq moves to take responsibility for security sooner
• Move all U.S. combat brigades not needed for protection out of Iraq by first quarter of 2008
• Make no open-ended commitment to Iraq to keep large numbers of U.S. troops in Iraq
• Improve Iraq’s criminal justice system, oil sector, U.S. reconstruction efforts
• Implement recommendations in coordinated fashion

• Situation in Iraq is grave and deteriorating
• Slide toward chaos could topple Iraqi government and trigger humanitarian catastrophe
• Sectarian conflict is principal challenge to stability
• Elected government not adequately advancing national reconciliation, providing basic security or essential services

Im wondering whats so surprising about this report.  Fellow bloggers, including myself, have been screaming most of these things from the rooftops for years, but of course “common” people like us, and the majority of the American citizens who want out of this “situation”, don’t have the voice to move this President or his administration.

I pray and hope that maybe, just maybe, now with an official report completed by Washingtonian elites, that we may be able to get things done, and at least advert more death and destruction, much of which is a direct result of our presence in the first place.

It sickens me to no end that in America, it seems more and more that we are moving away from a representative government.  We were thrown a bone last month, when the Democrats swept the Congress, and I pray things change.  However, it makes no sense, that almost four years after this blunder we are now stuck in, the American people have had to wait for an official study and book to come out to move the President to at least address the fact that his “stay the course” philosophy is not only foolish, but causing more harm than good and has weakened America more that the claimed strengthening, and now like dogs with tails between their legs, we are in a position of weakness, having to admit our wrongs and beg for others to help us.  You know like the “axis of evil” Iran, Syria, and all those other wicked Moslems!

Why can’t we just do things right in the first place?  Why must we continue to breast feed Israel (or though it may be the other way around) at the expense of the Palestinians and the broader Middle East.  I have said it a thousand times, our neglect for the grave injustices heaved upon Muslims, especially in the Middle East cause nothing but pain and grief for our nation.  While it may appear to be a good thing for Israel to be so heavy handed and unjust as long as big brother backs you in the world and at the UN, this relationship isnt good for Israel either.  It’s time to ween each other off the breastmilk of folly and injustice, and dialogue and make ammends with Israels neighbors and all soveriegn nations in the Middle East.

There has to be a solution to Iraq, Palestine, and the broader Middle East, but that will only occur when all parties involved learn one pivotal word:  JUSTICE!!!


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