Dennis Prager

Certainly, by now many have heard of the “infamous” comments Mr. Prager have made concerning Congressman Keith Ellison the first Muslim Congressman (I hope to be second), and they are quite disturbing.  Not so much because of what he said, but because of what was implied by those words.  Interestingly enough, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) have posted a press release condemning those comments by Prager, who ironically, is a newly appointed member of the US Holocaust Memorial Council.

I don’t know where to begin, first I find it “amusing” that the ADL is defending comments made against a Black Muslim who was once allied with the Nation of Islam, but maybe that’s my dark humor, secondly, Prager is Jewish, yet he implied that the Bible should be the authority in some form or another of the land.

By now, I shouldnt be all that surprised when it comes to politics.  Double talk and spin are the rules of the political game.  However, the irony is just too great, especially if you have the type of humor I have.

The problem with his comments are that they imply that somehow this is a Christian Nation.  I don’t know, maybe I was sleeping through US History 1 and 2 in college, as well as Political Science class, but last I read there is not one statement in either the Declaration of Independence or the US Constitution that says such things.

Granted this country is about 74% Christian, but when did the religious population of this country ever dictate the “nature” or official stance of this nation?  I mean, the framers may have been “Christians” in some form or another officially, but some like Thomas Jefferson, would more accurately be classified as a deist.  For the record, if you want to shape this debate one way or the other in reference to who was Christian or not go ahead without me, because, one thing is for certain, Christianity has not guided this Nation, if in name you want to call it that…but certainly not in action.  What amazes me most is how so-called believing Christians are so quick to call this Nation “Christian”.  I mean, I always thought you would reserve such titles for those that actually practice and live up to that title?  I mean, God only knows, I want Islam to be as far removed from the description of those like Bin Laden, so I always find it humorous at best when in the context of history, many so-called believing, born again Christians, want to insist this is a Christian country.  I would argue that its best to call it a secular non-religious nation that believes in a Supreme Being at best, you know, something like what is officially stated.

Either way, this country since its inception has contained people of all backgrounds and even though laws have had to be passed and the Constitution amended to recognize that, at its core this nation has always stood by the motto “E pluribus unim”  Out of Many One.

So to suggest that this is somehow a Christian Theocracy, and everyone else should just fall in line, is not only ignorant, but highly disrespectful to all those non-Christians who served and continue to serve this great nation. 

But we all know what this is really about don’t we?

This is just another vain attempt at slandering Islam and Keith Ellison of course.  The truth is that there is a large group of Americans who are shaking in their boots and are scared of the big bad Islam.  Everytime Islam is mentioned in the backdrop of American public, civic, or personal life, many non-Muslims attempt and find a way to lash out and defame Islam.

Islam and Muslims, excuse my pun, are the new Negro in the Christian “Right” Jim Crow religious ideology.  If it werent Muslims, it would just be somebody else.  I firmly believe that the members of these organizations in truth, use Christianity as a cover, which by the way is repulsive, disgusting, and blasphemous.  They use it much like many have since the beginning of said religion.  Anytime, mass hate, destruction, murder, or enslavement have wanted to be committed by Europeans in the modern era, they have used the sign of the cross as justification.

Some may not like what Im saying, but look at history for a moment.  Ever since Constantine solidified Christianity in Europe, people have manipulated and have used the zeal of the adherents in ways to commit some of the most unspeakable of horrors.  Whether it was the Crusades, the Inquisition, Slavery, or Jim Crow, Christianity has been used as a cover to hide something much darker, evil, and vicious.

Now that we have a society that somewhat shuns segregation and open prejudice, many are now finding “new” and “creative” ways to still openly hate others.  So once again they go to the cross and the Bible.  So just like in days of old, the Bible is used as a weapon against gays, pro-choice groups, Muslims, political parties, and pretty much everyone else that isnt considered “Christian”.  Notice the make-up of these groups and the overwhelming similarity of the members in these congregations in the context of where they live and yes their race.  Think about it….I guarantee that the majority of these same churches and households have images, books, etc.  around that just happen to have “Jesus” looking very ummm…..pale I shall say for now.

Yes, Im going there, but I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to see how inner bigotry, racism, and prejudice can be “covered” under the auspice of religion, especially Christianity.  Think about it, why else would you paint the “son of God” or “God” in the image of a European?  I mean wasnt the religion founded by a group of Jews in the Middle East?  For what purpose would you present your God in that fashion, if not to display that beauty and everything right, looks like you?  If you can “sanctify” your hate by saying the God that looks like you and says its OK in His book, then you have the license to do whatever you will.

Obviously, this wasnt the point of this post, but I just wanted to clarify what’s right in front of our faces.  This darkness like the plague and it is spreading, and you can change the name over and over in you want, and although apparently this dog has learned new tricks, its quite obvious, its the same dog, nevertheless.

So by now, I know some of you are saying but Prager is a Jew, and yes you are correct, but why wouldnt he give lip service to this large and influential political bloc?  It’s called survival.  Christians are the majority of the country it makes perfect strategical sense to align yourself with the majority, especially if your a tiny minority.  Which by the way, in my opinion explains why I believe Israel or shall I say the zionists in Israel and abroad have such close ties with the “Christian” “Right”, its a matter of strategy.  I highly doubt its a religous thing as many claim, because in truth, Judaism is by far closer in ideology to Islam than Christianity. However, 1.5 billion Muslims are weak in comparison to over 2 billion Christians, and if your part of 14 million Jews, well its pretty obvious who you would align with.

My overall point is, behind the smoke in mirrors of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, the wicked in these groups that claim these titles care less about the religion itself and more about political, financial, and material power.  If it takes using religion to be divisive and to use it as a cover to manipulate the zealous mass lacking the knowledge of their true intentions then they will use it.

I give great credit to the ADL for calling him on this hypocrisy, even if he probably didnt even mean it. 

We would be wise to be more aware and careful as to what is going on in America.


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