The Pope

Yes, once again I am revisiting and beating this dead horse. Besides, it’s almost like I have no choice. Turn to CNN and every five minutes there is mention of the visit in Turkey and what it means to Muslims. Priests and Islamic scholars have been speaking on CNN all morning thus far. Personally, I’m quite sick of it really, because there are more pressing issues in the world as always, and I’m still recovering from the overdose of the “Kramer” incident, not to mention the overzealous police department in NYC and Atlanta, who for some odd ball reason, need to fire 50-100 rounds of ammo into citizens, but I will save those for other posts.

Moving right along…I’m not trying to get caught up in Pope-gate yet again, but I guess from my mere typing on the matter today, I’m caught already hook, line, and sinker. So let me get a few things off my chest….

As those who have read my rants before know, I have been more critical of the “Muslim” response in all this, rather than the actual Pope and his comments. I say “Muslim” in quotation, because most Muslims around the world like me just watched the news and read the paper back in September and shook our heads. We didn’t go out burning effigies of the Pope, calling for his assassination, or killing priests and nuns. This is the unadulterated truth, no matter what the media is spoon feeding the populace. 1.5 billion Muslims didn’t take to the streets. Most of us at the most talked about it at the dinner table, or at work amongst our peers, but of course, according to the media, the “Muslim World” was outraged and like the foamed-mouth savages they are, took to the streets in violent protest.

For the several THOUSAND that did, As I lamented in my “Muslim Outrage” post and even in the “This Pope thing won’t Did” thread, I feel like the protests are not only a gross waste of energy on our part, but also it does the Muslim community a disservice and goes against the core principles and teachings of Islam. Through these actions, we not only prove the point of the Pope, but we also discredit our religion.

If Islam was a political party, we would be finished and get 0 votes, because we are our own worst enemies, and give the other “party” all the ammunition they need to sway the “voters” against us. We are loosing the PR campaign, mainly because of ourselves. I mean, I can prove probably a thousand ways how and why Islam is the religion of peace, but that means absolutely NOTHING to non-Muslims when they can turn on CNN and see suicide bombings, or see the reactions to the Pontiff’s comments. Now if we had 25, 000 Muslims protesting against radicals and terrorists, that would be another thing. But here the Pope says Islam teaches violence, then “Muslims” kill a nun and a priest. Who would or should believe me or an Islamic scholar when we say “oh no the Pope is wrong, Islam teaches peace”. There are far more examples of violence committed in the name of Islam than there are of peace in Islam in the media. Whose fault is that? Certainly, we know the media thrives on sensationalism and ratings, and its not “entertaining” to show the Muslim-Jewish peace walks in America, the feed the homeless drives, or just the plain ole ordinary Muslim that works in the GAP or goes to work everyday to support their family and doesn’t bother anyone. “Entertainment” is suicide bombers and mobs of Muslims chanting “Allahu Akbar!!!”

So how do we counter these perceptions?

For starters, let’s stop taking to the streets every time someone offends us. I mean come on, is Allah (swt) not sufficient? I’m certain that Allah (swt) can defend Himself. He doesn’t need several thousand Muslims to remind non-Muslims how blasphemous their words are. Let Allah (swt) defend the Prophet (saw) and the Koran for that matter. Are we oppressed? Not all of us, but for those of us that are defend that, however don’t transgress the limits. Make our zeal worth something. End the poverty in the Muslim world, educate the women and children. End the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. Stop the violence in Darfur. I’m getting to a point where I want to throw up, when Muslims have the time and energy to protest the Pope coming to Turkey, but not enough time and energy to help stop the Sunni/Shia killing each other in Iraq, the Palestinian oppression, or the Muslim women getting raped and maimed in Darfur.

Are we getting to a point where we care more about what people say, write, or draw, then the actual suffering of our people?

In a way, I’m kind of glad this Pope thing occurred, because it is a time for dialogue, however, I would prefer it be amongst ourselves. I could care less what the non-Muslim thinks. I’m more concerned with what we are doing and calling it Islam. Let them think and let them talk. Truth stands clear from falsehood, what could they say if we did the righteous things according to Islam anyway?

Maybe its just me, but I’m certain, Allah (swt) could care less if we get offended by a speech or cartoon, and cares a lot more about Muslim on Muslim violence, murder, suicide, and genocide. Maybe it’s just me…


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