Guantanamo Detainees

I ordinarily don’t engage in discussions about this topic.  For the most part, I thought it should be common sense.  How can we hold people for many years uncharged and without a legal process?  How can we claim moral superiority as a Nation when people are detained by our government with no rights?

Now I have heard the “excuses” like these guys are “terrorists” etc. and we shouldn’t care, because our troops would get treated worse.  Well, when has it ever been OK to be immoral because someone else is?  Like many a mother has told her children, “would you jump off a bridge because your friends have?”. 

America is supposed to be a shining example of Freedom, Justice, and Equality.  Yet, those in power and their supporters for some odd reason, believe that these values that we are supposed to represent are conditional.

 I bring this up, because I made the grave mistake of visiting a Military Forum, which I haven’t visited in about a month.  I began to read a thread about an incident at GITMO and the responses that were given in the thread by active duty and veteran Military personnel, was appalling at best.  There were a few voices of reason, but a few nevertheless.  As a former Marine Sergeant, let me state for the record that I served under a code of Honor, Courage, and Commitment, I never felt those values were conditional, and I was always taught that REGARDLESS of how we are treated, we should always be nothing but HONORABLE, even to our real or perceived enemies.

Anyway the thread in question on Forums was entitled “Marine Guards at GITMO should be careful who they drink with!”  The thread starter remarks:

“Trust is everthing in the Military. Marine Guards relaxing with a few drinks got a liitle to friendly with a female Marine para legal Sgt. for a Navy lawyer.The Guards never realized this pretty Marine was a spook.. She took in all their stories about the Guards hitting Muslims across the side of th head, and punching them when they started acting up.Of course she felt it was her duty to snitch on her fellow Marines.

She reported what the Guards thought was supposed to be confidential, and they are being investigated for their brutal treatment of the Muslims. Foolishly one of the Guards made a statement: “If he knew who she was they would have never spoken to her,” the smart thing was for to let her her prove it, she was not wearing a wire, it just our word against hers!!

What happens when an American Guard is attacked, and injured by a Iraqi prisoner?

I’ll tell you nothing happens, the injured soldier is shipped to Germany, and sent home, and the incident is forgotten.

I know from a personal experience with a friend of mine who was so injured by a Iragi during Desert Storm.

He was guarding Iraqi prisoners digging draining ditches, while he was lighing up, the Iraqi suddenly turned and swung his shovel, and hit himm square in the mouth..

Years later I noticed while he was painting my house, he had no front teeth, and had trouble eating.
I said, you need some kind of bridge put in, you can hardly chew your food.

He finally told me how he lost his teeth, and I told him their is a VA nearby next to Fort Monroe, hell your entitled to dental care.

He kind of made a face when I mentioned the VA, to much of a hassel, I lose to much time from work.

Regardless I went to the VA and picked up applications for benifits, when I gave him the papers he ripped them up. I said why did you do that, he replied its been over 10 years, and I can’t take the hassle.

We made calls, and found a clinic in North Carolina that would bridge his missing teeth for $200. I told him if you can’t get a ride, I’ll drive you down there.

He managed to get there on his own, and when I seen him again he looked like a new man, nice even front teeth, and I kidded him, now your going to have to beat off all the good looking women.

The moral of the story, don’t feel sorry for the Muslims who get a slap in the head once in awhile, “they owe us.”
and watch out for spys and spooks who befriend you.”

This posters comments were in reference to the following story:

Marine: Gitmo guards bragged of beatings;_ylt=AvHtPxnoIo78ppu3QbAmfTSs0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMT


The Pentagon said Friday that it will investigate a Marine’s sworn statement that guards at Guantanamo Bay bragged about beating detainees and described it as a common practice.

The Marine, a paralegal who was at the U.S. Navy station in Cuba last month, alleges that several guards she talked to at the base club said they routinely hit detainees.

“From the whole conversation, I understood that striking detainees was a common practice,” the sergeant wrote. “Everyone in the group laughed at the others’ stories of beating detainees.”

Now this is my problem:  Besides the obvious disagreement I have about our policy in GITMO, what even disturbs me the most is that we have personnel in our military and supporters that feel that this type of behavior is OK.  The real issue that no one is really touching is the present and real Islamicphobia that exists within a certain element of our citizens and rampant within our Military and policy makers.  This form of hate can not be viewed in any other context than with that of supremacist groups.  Once you allow hate to ferment in your heart for any group, you begin to view them as less than human and the result is the reports out of GITMO, Iraq, etc.  because Muslims have now become less than human in the minds of some, gross abuses go without rebuke in both actions and policy.  Because Muslims are less than human, we never hear about the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who have died because of our policies, or the thousand of Palestinians that suffer under Zionist policy and pretty much how the entire Muslim populace is demeaned, harassed, and abused, by policy makers, other citizens, and dictators that run our countries, many of which America openly supports.  As a black man I’m that much more upset, because it was this same disease of the heart, mind, and morality that allowed the lynchings, beatings, rape, and slaughter of my ancestors in America for four hundred years.  It was this same disease that allowed Nazi Germany to slaughter so many innocent Jews while the world watched.  Hate is rampant and it shouldn’t matter that the object of such just happens to share the same religion or look like those who committed terrorist acts on 9/11.

Here is a small sampling of the disgust from fellow veterans I read today in commentary to the above mentioned thread:

“America is playing a wish wash game. At one point someone is going to have to say, that we just dont care about these terrorists. Why do you? Do you support them and their cause? They plot or killed innocent women and children. When or if released, will return to the same evil deeds. We as Americans cannot cave in to world opinion and must continue to focus on whats important, and that is defeating the terrorists before they get another chance to attack us.”

“A dirty Rat is what she is….nothing is worse than a snitch. Ive had enough of these whistle blowers and this will only hurt morale.”

“Honor? We are in a war with brutal savage people and we have to worry about our own people b*tching at us over some of the most minor crap of this WOT. The enemy is out there, this little female dog needs to either understand this, or go join the Peace Corp so she can get abducted by terrorists and rescued by our service members, the very ones she stabbed in the back.”

“Anger the average Arab, What BS, what about angering Americans.Here are a few incidents you don’t read about in our bleeding heart media on beatings, and the injuring the American Guards by The Muslims prisoners.1. Sticking a ball point pen into the eye of a Guard and blinding the man.
2. Spitting in the faces of our Guards
3. Swinging a shovel and busting the jaw and knocking out the front teeth of a Army Guard.
4. Throwing feces, and urine into the faces of Guards.
5. Heaving food out of their cells that is not part of their strict diet.
6. Punching Guards square in the face
7. hunger strikes if they don’t get their demands
8. Demand they have clean towels and sheets before they perform their daily prayer ritual.
9. Constantly cursing Guards in Arabic in their presence.
10. Faking illness in order to be taken to the hospital, no easy task, it takes 3 Guards to move the dangerous Muslim, and this is the time the Guards are most at risk.

If the Navy allows this para-legal female Marine Sgt to testify and have these 3 Marines and one Sailor to go before the mast, hell will have to paid for all future rats and spooks.

Enough of what the drunk Kennedy, Frenchy Kerry, bleeding heart Leahy, mealy mouth Biden, and the Arabs will think. ****’im.

The Muslim deserve every slap beside the head, and boot in the ***, they are asking for it, and they have it coming.

The scabs on these threads who think this female spook is honorable, CAN GO TO HELL ”

For more “intelligent” debate about Muslim “savages” feel free to take a look around this message board.  One things for certain, just from these posts alone, you can begin to unravel the “mystery” behind the treatment of Muslims wherever US Troops are present.  For the record, these dishonorable turds, don’t represent the majority of the Honorable Men in Women serving this Country, but they sure reflect a “special” group.


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