I don’t believe I’m alone when I say that the current elected officials in our government sufficiently represent us.  I believe it goes without saying that most Americans want representatives that ideally, put their interests aside in favor of the interests of the constituents.  How many honestly feel they have that in their current representatives?  Its becoming increasingly clear that unless you have a lot of money, odds are you won’t be represented.  What should a people do when their elected officials don’t represent them?  Most citizens want to have a decent roof over their heads, food on the table, and the ability to provide these things with adequate employment.  Most citizens want to live in a crime and drug free neighborhood where they can raise healthy and strong children.  Most citizens want the ability to ensure a proper education for their children.  Most citizens want a health care system that provides the needed and special care necessary to sustain a quality of life that doesn’t depend on rent or surgery.  These examples and many others are more than enough for us to reevaluate our elected officials, and act accordingly to make sure they do in fact represent you.

 Certainly you have heard this before, but how many are actually going to move on these familiar words?  What’s your breaking point?  What’s the magic button one has to press in order to make you act?  How much longer can you sit back and pretend there isn’t a world bigger than your local reality?

These are things I often ponder as I plan and execute my steps toward what I believe is my purpose in life.  I am truly convinced more and more with each passing day my purpose is to serve people.  Service can be in many forms, for me I believe it is in the sphere of representation.  I want to be the voice for those who have no voice.  I want to be one of the few who actually get into politics because they want to help make this country and this world a better place. 

As cheesy as it often sounds, these ideas truly come from a place that really believes that all it takes is the right voice at the right time to help mobilize and lead the masses to effectively build a better neighborhood, community, country, and world.  I don’t know about some of you, but it drives me crazy to read or see how we can easily spend billions overseas, however our crime goes up, our poor get poorer, senior citizens can even afford their medication, children don’t have adequate health-care, proper employment doesn’t exist, etc. etc. etc.  I get fed up when I read how Congress can approve a pay raise for themselves, but won’t raise the minimum wage.  I mean come on, who works for who?  I don’t even want to touch the hypocrisy of “National Security”… Yeah right, we are scared so much about our security that our boarders remain porous and small aircraft can crash into buildings in NYC without the government knowing.

This is turning into a rant, so let me sum this up:  Pretty much like many of you, I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Instead of constantly talking about it, I’m prepared to do something about it.  Let us pray that we all get a little sick and tired.


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  1. As-salaamu ‘alaikum,

    Thank you for this post brother… I feel your sincerity in your writing… I just wanted you to know, that I have noticed your blog, it also seems that you are new to blogging or just beginning to take it seriously. There is a very strong circle of muslim bloggers in the blogosphere… you may find many of them on my blog roll labeled “Muslims”. In addition we have established a static carnival… google “the carnival of islam in the west” and also a dynamic carnival called “the carnival of brass”, they are becoming very popular.



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