So I made it to WordPress

Thanks to some sound advice from fellow bloggers, I decided to start my “up and coming” blog on wordpress.  Now I must admit Im having a “few” issues, adjusting to the different format.  However, God-willing, I will hash these things out.  For those of you that have read my “old” blog, which I may or may not update as well, know with certainty, that I will still express my views on Islam, Politics, and Religion with an open mind that some have become accustomed to.

 In this day and age, I strongly feel this is a time unlike any other in modern history to be a voice in the wilderness, and be men and women of courage to stand up and speak the truth, even when its not comfortable for others.  The power to change the world rests with the reflection in the mirror and we only have one life, so why not use that life to its full potential and be a servant of humanity, a servant of peace, and a servant of God, which of course, these three are exactly the same thing in both essence and principle.

 We all have a voice, we should use it to effectively change our environments for the better.  We all have knowledge, but what good is that knowledge if we don’t use it to help or inspire others?  We all have a role to play in this “game” of humanity, I’m just trying to find mine, and I pray that you find yours.

 As Salaam Alaikum


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