Democracy, Jesus, and Kanye West

There is a lot going on in the world these days, but as it is written in the OT of the Bible, I believe Ecclesiastics “there is nothing new under the sun”.

First of all, the world is outraged because in the Palestinian elections, Hamas actually won. Now the US and Israel are especially upset and don’t want to accept the fact that true democracy prevailed even though those whom they don’t like and call terrorists actually played according to the rules they set up and won fair and square.

Obviously, this is going to cause some major issues in the Middle East now, because no one knows what exactly Hamas is going to do now that they are officially in power. God willing, they will see that Peace is better than War.  In my humble opinion I think Israel and the US are primarily upset because they know Hamas wont be a push over government, and that they might actually have to use diplomacy instead of the lies and deceit they are used to using when dealing with Muslim majority countries.

This event truly points out the hypocrisy of the Western so-called vision of democracy. If we were really all that interested in ensuring there is democracy in the Middle East, we would be happy that it truly prevailed this time, but of course we are not.

For the record, there is democracy in Islam. In the West democracy is defined by Freedom, Justice, and Equality and so it is within Islam. With the exception that the West pay more attention to Freedom first and in Islam we pay more attention to Justice first. Freedom doesn’t cater to the Justice of everyone, so everyone can’t be free, equal, or live in peace. But Justice, ensures that everyone is free to live in equality and peace.

Now on to Jesus, Race, and Kanye West….

Once again white Christians and even some black ones, are up in arms about an image of Jesus. For whites they can’t believe that a black man is portraying their “lord and savior” and blacks primarily are concerned that its Kanye West.

I’m sick and tired of people claiming that it doesn’t matter what race or “color” Jesus was, because it obviously does, even in 2006. We can try to deny it all day, but it does in fact matter. If it didn’t matter than why are so many upset.

White so-called Christians in general can’t stomach the idea that Jesus was a man of color, primarily because of their demonic sickness of white supremacy. In their twisted minds, the white skin color is the highest form therefore, if God was to take a form it would be in theirs. Some blacks believe this in varying degrees of consciousness as well.

So white people never get angry when there are movies, ads, or any other image of Jesus or the Prophets(PBUT) that depict them as white, because they feel that is natural.

The moment that image changes, especially to black, all hell breaks loose as we are witnessing.

Now, some may argue (rightfully so in some instances) that Kanye West was the wrong one to portray Jesus this time around, and may even use his career, music, etc. to use as ammunition, but lets not forget that every white man that portrayed Jesus was no angel either. The Kanye image to me, speaks to the revolutionary image that we should paint of Jesus and in fact is the true Jesus. Kanye feels persecuted and crucified because he often speaks his mind to the dismay of others, especially those in power. That is what got Jesus in trouble as well if we read our Bibles.

What upsets me most with black people is we don’t disagree about a black Jesus too much these days, but we are so critical about who portrays him, why are we always holding such high standards for blacks who portray Jesus but not whites?

The moment Mel Gibson put out that film, we flocked to the theaters to cry and put on shows, making fools of ourselves about a white Jesus who in truth, we can’t even relate to, yet everyday in America black Jesus’s are being persecuted and crucified by a modern day Rome and we don’t even care.

What is it in us that we still can only see the God in others and not in ourselves?

Lastly, Christians I need some clarification on this one. You say that Jesus is God right? If that is the case why are you violating God’s commandment that there are to be no images made of Him?

Boy the slavemasters have done a great work on us!



  1. As you rightly have commented, if the bible is read then it seems obvious Jesus Christ was not white, he would have looked very similar to any modern day arab or jew (afterall both from the same genetic people group whoe’s forefather was Abraham), that was his earthly blood line, not white therefore or black but olive colour


  2. The picture is blasphemoue because of Kayne’s views that he should be in the bible! He thinks himself as a god, and there is only ONE GOD! Has nothing to do with race, it is just a pathetic marketing plow of an arrogant asshole rapper!


  3. Jesus is not God. God has no colour. Christians believe that Jesus is God and made in their image. They do not understand the commandments of God. No one should worship an image or a likeness of an image.
    God is not a man-so God cannot have a son. Only human beings have sons. If you believe in the truth-you will not be a Christian.

    God is spirit and God is everywhere. HE IS NOT CONFINED BY ANYTHING.


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