Juror B-37 Is A Clear Cut Example Of What’s Wrong In America


The interview of Juror B-37 on Anderson Cooper 360 July 15th was so infuriating and disgusting because it highlights the fundamental problem when it comes to race in America. During the interview the Juror identified with Zimmerman continued to refer to him in a personal manner as if he was a friend and never once considered that there is another perspective that couldn’t be heard because Trayvon is dead. Continually the Juror stated “Well George said” over and over. She also admitted that for the most part, she never viewed Zimmerman was a threat, felt like although he went “too far”, he’s still someone who should be able to continue being a neighborhood watch. As I listened to the commentary of B-37 grinding my teeth, it became crystal clear to me that she and the rest of her cohorts never gave Trayvon Martin a chance. In their eyes, he was a savage, Black teen, who was responsible for his own death and deserved to be brought down. Although Juror B-37 denied race played a factor, what stood out to me was how she systematically called every Black witness that testified either not credible or somehow jaded because in the case of Trayvon’s parents, they were just doing and saying what any parent would do or say. Interestingly enough however, “George” was credible, though he didn’t testify, as well as every one of the Defense’s witnesses. Also interesting is that the Juror brought the notorious Stand Your Ground law into the discussion saying that they all felt “George had the right to defend himself” even though neither the Defense nor the Prosecution brought the controversial law up. This to reinforces the mindset that was not only present within this Juror and the rest, but also Zimmerman supporters in general, that no matter the circumstances, George Zimmerman had the right to defend himself.

Defend himself against whom one may ask? What was it about Trayvon Martin that automatically says that an unarmed teen walking home at night being followed by a stranger is ultimately responsible for his own death? Why was it that everything “George” said was credible and nothing said in defense of a teen who could not tell his side of the story was not? This Juror and Zimmerman supporters can lie to themselves and the public all they want, but what’s painfully clear is that in all their eyes, Trayvon, a young Black male was not worthy of the benefit of the doubt. He was the aggressor, regardless of the evidence and the fact that Trayvon could not tell his side of the story, because from the beginning in their minds Trayvon was guilty. Why these women did what they did we may never know, but at the end of the day, George got his ideal jury.

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2 thoughts on “Juror B-37 Is A Clear Cut Example Of What’s Wrong In America

  1. Yes, I felt the same way. She came in the trial with pre-conceived notions. It’s so frustrating. Why doesn’t any recognize Trayvon’s right to self-defense from the creepy guy following him?

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